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Ductless Air Conditioning As Complementary Cooling

We’ve been in homes where we just can’t seem to get comfortable. No matter what the thermostat says, it just seems to be uncomfortable enough to bother you. Instead of suffering in silence, more and more people are using ductless air conditioning as complementary cooling for their houses, cottages, and condos.

What is complementary cooling? This term is catching on as a way of giving your existing air-conditioning some support. Rather than turning down the thermostat to sub-zero temperatures, adding ductless air conditioning as complementary cooling can help you keep the heat at bay in given areas of your home.

Ductless Air Conditioning As Complementary Cooling

Spot Heating And Cooling

Ductless air conditioners are built for cooling off the areas of your home closest to where the unit is installed. This saves you a fortune on energy bills because you’re not worrying about keeping the bedroom upstairs chilly when you aren’t using it. Instead, ductless are installed in key common areas of your home, keeping you cool in the rooms of your home you’re using. If you live in a large enough home, it’s common to have multiple units installed throughout your home – one upstairs and one downstairs.

Ductless Air Conditioning As Complementary Cooling

Perfect For The Cottage

If you don’t have a lake or pool to jump into on those scorching hot days, ductless systems are a common solution. These are affordable, energy-efficient, and won’t be invasive to install. Just call a professional installer , like Boiler Mart  to help you. With our trained technicians, you’ll be enjoying your new system in just a few hours.

Boiler Mart Has 35 years Of Experience Installing Ductless Air Conditioning As Complementary Cooling

By installing a ductless air conditioning in your home is in good hands. When you call 416-477-4812, you’ll be connected with our dedicated and knowledgeable team who will be happy to go over your options with you. We’ll assess your needs and dispatch someone to your home who can further explore before making recommendations on which unit is best for you. Together, we can improve the comfort of your home efficiently so you can spend less each month on energy bills. Just leave it to our trained technicians to get the job done right every time.