Lochinvar – Crest Condensing Commercial Gas Boilers

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The performance of the CREST boiler has changed the way the industry views fire-tube boilers.


CREST boilers are equipped with a top-mounted micro-metal fiber burner, engineered specifically for fire-tube technology. The system is designed to ensure smooth, quiet modulating combustion with up to 25:1 turndown. CREST is designed for efficiency to reduce your customer’s fuel bills.

  1. Reduce Installation Cost with Variable Flow Technology
    Installation is streamlined, without the time and materials cost of primary-secondary system/boiler piping.
  2. High Efficiency with Minimum Supply Pressure
    CREST operates reliably with supply gas pressure as low as 4 inches water column. Negative regulation (neg/reg) technology draws gas into a pre-mix combustion system instead of relying on utility pressure through the gas valve. Operation is steady in low gas pressure systems or when peak gas supply demand occurs.
  3. Peace of Mind When It Matters Most
    Cascade redundancy provides peace of mind because it helps ensure that a CREST boiler system will always deliver reliable performance with no downtime. Cascade sequencing can be programmed for Lead-Lag or Efficiency Optimized operation.
  4. Flexible Venting Options
    CREST offers 6 venting options, and it permits direct-vent air intake and exhaust runs up to 100 equivalent feet using PVC, CPVC, polypropylene or stainless steel pipe. Plus, multiple units can be common-vented to reduce time and materials cost.
  5. Superior Fire-Tube Heat Exchanger Design
    The patented Wave™ configuration creates turbulence as flue gas products flow down the tube, scrubbing the energy from the flue products. The Wave design enhances the life of the heat exchanger by allowing the tubes to flex so they operate stress free with none of the adverse effects suffered by traditional fire-tube boilers.
Model NumberInput MBH Min.Input MBH Max.Thermal EfficiencyGross Output MBHNet Rating MBHTurndownABCGas Conn.Water Inlet/OutletAir IntakeVent SizeOper. Wt.Ship. Wt.
FBN07515075096.2%72262815:0178″30”55 1⁄2″1 1⁄4”3”6”6”1,7681,560
FBN10015099996.2%96283720:0178″30”56 1⁄2″1 1⁄4”3”6”6”1,8381,596
FBN1251631,25096.2%1,2031,04620:0178″30”56 1⁄2″1 1⁄4”3”6”8”1,9751,648
FBN1501601,50096.2%1,4431,25525:01:0078″30”67 3⁄4″1 1⁄2”4”8”8”2,3071,961
FBN1751701,75096.2%1,6841,46425:01:0078″30”66 1⁄4″1 1⁄2”4”8”8”2,4582,017
FBN2001801,99996.2%1,9241,67325:01:0078″30”66 1⁄2″1 1⁄2”4”8”8”2,5702,087
FBN25011252,50096%2,4002,08720:0177 3⁄4″35″83 3⁄4″2″4″8″9″3,6002,577
FBN30011503,00096%2,8832,50720:0177 3⁄4″35″83 3⁄4″2″4″10″10″3,9002,881
FBN35011753,50096%3,3642,92520:0177 3⁄4″42″91 1⁄2″2″4″10″10″4,6003,218
FBN40013333,99996%3,8433,34212:0177 3⁄4″45 1⁄2″103 1⁄2″2 1⁄2″4″12″12″5,2003,805
FBN50015004,99996%4,8044,17710:0177 3⁄4″46 1⁄2″102 1⁄4″2 1⁄2″6″12″14″5,9004,101
FBN60016006,00096%5,7665,01410:0177 3⁄4″50″102 3⁄4″2 1⁄2″6″14″14″6,9004,711