Viessmann – Vitocrossal 200 Gas Boilers

Commercial Boilers

Viessmann Gas Condensing Boilers have a fully-modulating pre-mix cylinder burner.

Rated input: 133 to 2245 MBH (single) / 17960 MBH (cascade)

  • Extremely low NOx emissions and quiet operation from new fully-modulating Viessmann pre-mix cylinder burner.
  • Wide modulation range of 5:1 turndown ratio precisely matches load conditions.
  • Pre-assembled burner simplifies installation and commissioning.
  • Multiple venting possibilities with installed air intake kit for direct or chimney venting PP(s) or stainless steel up to 198 ft. of vent length.
  • Common venting up to four boilers.
  • Gas fuel flexibility (NG/LPG/LNG) with a simple electronic conversion.
  • Low inlet gas pressure requirement (NG) as low as 4 inches of water column for compatibility with a range of supply pressures.
  • Large water content extends the burner run time and reduces cycling.
  • No dedicated boiler pump required due to extremely low water pressure drop through a heat exchanger – no low-loss header required.
  • Generous stainless steel heat transfer surface area for maximum heat extraction.
  • Seamless integration with building management systems.