Viessmann – Vitoflex 300-UF Biomass Boilers

Commercial Boilers

Viessmann Biomass Boilers: State-of-the-art underfeed combustion wood-fired boiler, 1331 to 4265 MBH. For wood fuels with a maximum water content of 50%.

High efficiency with advanced combustion technology, triple-pass heat exchanger and modulating output control (turndown ratio 4:1).

  • Maximum heat transfer with a triple-pass heat exchanger.
  • High efficiency and ultra-low emissions with precisely controlled primary and secondary air.
  • Low maintenance with fully-automatic deashing, optional pneumatic cleaning system, and flue gas deduster.
  • Advanced safety equipment ensures safe and reliable operation.
  • Maximum system performance with heavy-duty construction and all system components from one source.
  • Automatic ignition device limits idling and save fuel (optional – only for fuels with >40% moisture content).
  • Custom design of your system by our team of experts.

The Vitoflex 300-UF boiler uses a burner trough with an attached external grate and a moving annealing grate to achieve optimal combustion results. A feed auger moves the wood fuel into the burner trough where the fuel is pre-dried and gasified under precisely controlled primary air (underfeed combustion). On the external and the moving annealing grate the fuel completely gasifies (syngas). Precisely controlled secondary air is injected to fully combust the syngas and thermal energy is released into the boiler’s triple-pass heat exchanger.